PYP Explorers…. official launch!

The PYP Explorers are getting ready for their official launch!

Stay tuned for the launch of PYP Explorers in September 2010!! We mean the beginning of the month, by the way!


Nic and Jess



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3 responses to “PYP Explorers…. official launch!

  1. How cool are you both to do this! I look forward to hearing about your explorations and your PYP journeys… and will secretly wish I am in a classroom to join in on the fun!

    Good luck!

  2. Chiara

    Hello there.
    When I said I had found your blog…I didn’t imagine you had a few….I reckon this is the most updated one..or anyway the one I am interested the most in. Anyway, still don’t know if you have guessed who I am – but I am sure you have realised I am into tech as well…at least I try. I love internet and computers and would like to use them more in the classroom. I have a couple of website I would like to show you – will do it on Monday. Plus we will be soon talking about Rights and Responsabilities. Ciao

  3. Hi there!
    What an amazing idea! Not only will you be learning together but also helping others around the world. I’m adding your blog to my google reader. Looking forward to learning with and from you! Thanks for sharing!

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