ISM Grade Three are inquiring into….

Grade Three at the International School in Modena are inquiring into Who We Are.

Central Idea: Rights and responsibilities are important aspects of community life.

School started on Thursday, so a lot of time was spent on getting to know the students, the routines and initial assessments. However, the unit lends itself nicely to the beginning of the year. Essential agreements are all about our rights and responsibilities. They are about community. We are building a new community.

To assess the current understanding of the concept of responsibility, we read the Piggybook. Then we thought about our own responsibilities. Yesterday, the students in Grade 3 came together in groups to record their responsibilities on post-its, which we then put up on the display board to share.
When we return on Monday, we will look at those more closely. What responsibilities do we have? Why? Can we sort them into “communities”?

Furthermore, we will work on our essential agreements in our community. We will expand the class community to the school community and think about the student council and the upcoming elections.

Wonderful and authentic situations for this unit.

Reflection: The students in Grade 3 are very young, most of them are seven years old. They have some basic understanding of responsibilities, but pre-assessment will continue next week. The authenticity of building a community, of taking responsibility is fantastic, I find this is the most relevant way to approach this unit. I am excited to see where the unit will go, but so far we are sticking to personal and local (school) dimensions.
I also found that starting with responsibilities was a good idea, but I need to focus on making the connection to rights next week as well. So far the idea to “remove a right” as a provocation has been intriguing , and I am considering this further. Any ideas welcome!



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4 responses to “ISM Grade Three are inquiring into….

  1. Chiara

    Hi! I did start trying to figure out if they understood they have “duties” in the classroom. They should all be responsible for tiding up the desk at the end of the lessons and putting stationary away. Next week we will discuss it. It is important for both the UOI and the well being of the whole class that they ALL understand they have responsabilites in my room – expecially because, as you know, I have different classes every 45 minutes.

    • Jessica

      Chiara, you have raised some good points. I will link to it in the classroom as well. The learner profile is a good way to support the responsibility aspect. As caring members of the community, we should take care of our belongings, our school and everyone who is part of the community. This means that taking care of your room, for example, is important, because everyone’s well being depends on it (a great provocation would be to mess up the classroom one day, to see how they feel working in a mess!).

  2. Chiara

    We did a lot of discussions about rights and responsabilities in the Italian room. They clearly pointed out the fact every action has a consequence. Afterthat they come up with a classroom agreement that they are working on over the week end. we will produce our final version next Wed. I do believe that at this age they need to focus on their ability to be part of a group, respecting others and others point of view. Here comes in PSE strand interactions. Maybe working in group they could be asssisgned different roles and after that they could have some time to reflect about their responsabilites. Anyway, next after a short brainstorm session on the rights of children, we will start reading different illustrated books and they should trying to see the link with the different rights. I will let you know.

    • Jessica

      Great to be able to share what we are doing on here. Sometimes there just isn’t enough time to do this at school. And maybe sharing this way is more reflective, because it allows us to think things through again!

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