Collaborating (ISM G3)

The International School of Modena is a one-form entry. Due to this, two grade levels inquire into the same central idea, and the Programme of Inquiry is on a two-year cycle. This allows for collaboration amongst teachers, and students.

Tomorrow, Grade Three will get together with Grade Four for the first time. It will be new for both of them: As far as I can tell, Grade 3 have not collaborated much last year (when they were Grade 2), and Grade 4 now get to be the older ones.

It ties in nicely with being responsible, with essential agreements, with the learner profile.
Hopefully we will get to collaborate often, all over the school and beyond.


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  1. nicpenny

    This sounds like a really valuable learning experience. It will be really interesting as the children start to see different perspectives of the older and younger children. Can’t wait to hear more.

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