Responsibilities we have to take… (G3/ISM)

The unit of inquiry with the central idea Rights and responsibilities are an important aspect of community life is very timely indeed for Grade 3 in Modena. The beginning of the school year always poses a challenge for the children. Back into the habit of going to bed early (and let me add, that’s not just a challenge for the kids!), of having to make compromises in class, seeing friends again, making new friends.
The first full week is now over, and as their class teacher, I feel I have gotten to know the class a lot better this week.

The need to address simple routines, agreements and independence are imminent. The unit allows us to address all this in its context, which is great.

Yesterday we considered morning routines. This is done in all classes, from Kindergarten to Grade 6. Children change their shoes, put their home/school diaries into a designated spot, we need to get the register (and I tend to forget in the afternoons!), etc.
We talked about what we have to do and WHY in the mornings. Then we compiled a list of “Our Responsibilities” and signed the agreement. Morning routines and those that occur several times during the day (shoes, register) will be our priority next week. We will start with placing ourselves on a continuum at the beginning of the week, and then see if we develop. We will be reflective, and hopefully become more principled and caring.
We will also look at the term community in more detail, and see which communities we all belong to.


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One response to “Responsibilities we have to take… (G3/ISM)

  1. Chiara

    Really would like to know what you are getting out of it. From my side, very interesting and thoughful was the discussion the kids got themselves into link to the mission statement and the chart of the children rights. There are working in group of 3/4, reading a specific book I have given them and looking forward to seeing what they come up with tomorrow.

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