Being balanced at Southbank

As part of our Who We Are unit, (Central idea: People make choices that affect our health and well-being), the children have been looking at the choices they and the people around them make, and how they are affected.  The children identified that there were many choices they were able to make themselves – such as what to eat for breakfast, what they wear, who their friends are.  But there are also choices that others make for them – like bed time, their school, their dinner.  From that point, the children have discussed what the consequences of these choices are, and how they could change if the choice was different.  We have co-constructed the meaning of balance though looking at examples of balanced and imbalanced lives, and discussed what balance looks like for them.

On Thursday a real life example came up… through me.  The kids noticed that I was super tired, and asked as to why that was.  I decided to be honest with them and explained that I am also studying (my MEd) and had put off my study for too long so I had to stay up very late to get it done.  At this point, they said they were concerned that I was not being balanced.  A more balanced choice would be to work little by little on my study, and go to bed early every night.  A few of them offered to ask me how my study is going so that I would remember to be balanced.

Of course, that was not part of the plan.  But it is really exciting that the children are able to take their learning and apply it to real life.  And I have promised them that I will try to be more balanced.



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6 responses to “Being balanced at Southbank

  1. Jessica

    Real life examples make the most sense to us. And they identified it well, you have obviously not been balancing the study-work bit too well. It’s amazing how they showed empathy and offered to help you by reminding you in the future.

    • chiara

      My current grade 1/2 unit is on the same concept. I read to them a story I love and that, according to me, helps them to deepener their understanding. The book is called Green Ham and Eggs by Dr. Seurss. The other obvious one is The very hungry Caterpillar.

  2. chiaraforti

    Isn’t it easier to discuss this with the student than putting it into practise in our own life?

  3. nicpenny

    You are so right Chiara, it is MUCH easier to discuss than to do. But I think it’s important that as teachers we do try to maintain balance. For a couple of reasons – 1 we are role models, but even more importantly, 2 we need to stay sane.

  4. Jessica

    My personal goal is to become more balanced this year. I think to some extent it involves a lot of forcing myself… prioritizing as well.

    • Chiara

      Nic, I so agree with you. We paly such an important role in our students lifes that we need to be aware of what we say/do/eat. I remember my own son stating that he wasn’t going to eat fish because his teacher said “I never eat at the school canteen on Friday. It’s fish and I don’t like fish!” That was quite a couple of year ago, anyway although I might agree with her…fish on Friday is sooo disgusting, I even doubt it is real fish(ha, ha!!!) Anyway, that was just a silly example of something we could say without thinking, but I can garantee you they are listening!!!

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