Grades 5and6 and their inquiry into Buildings and Structures

To begin with, I gave the children some pictures of different places around the World, which they had to look at carefully and describe in writing. Later I had asked them  to sort and categorize the different pictures. They have immediately organized them into the different habitats in the World. At this point I had given them some labels, with desert, tundra etc..on it. After some discussions, they  managed to label the right group of pictures correctly.

The next step had been to look very carefully at the pictures to find out characteristics of the different habitat. I have also given them some written information they should use. Now they are creating their own power point presentation in order to present orally to the class a different habitat and how the available materials affects the building and structures of that area.

In the meantime children come across a number of different new words, which lead them to an inquiry into geography, with for example the idea of North and South of the World. Still don’t know where this will take us to.   


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One response to “Grades 5and6 and their inquiry into Buildings and Structures

  1. Jessica

    Working with the higher grades is so different, and it is refreshing to read about this as well.
    I am curious to see where the inquiry will lead them.

    Grade 5 and 6 also exhibited their structures on Friday, and Grade 3 had a good look around. I love seeing what everyone is up to.

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