Rights&Responsibilities and Grammar

While working on Rights and responsibilities, I have decided to focus on verbs.

After a long discussion, children come up with a list of their rights and responsibilities in the Italian classroom. I gave given a copy of it to the children and we have read it very carefully. They already had a sense of what verbs are, so it was just the case of reinforcing their prior knowledge. The students then had to highlight the verbs and copy and rewrite them in the infinitive.

Next step will be for them to realise that all the verbs are written in the imperative form. Will they be able to do it correctly? Will they come up with a generalisation on when we use the imperative? Will tell you next week.


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One response to “Rights&Responsibilities and Grammar

  1. Jessica

    Very interesting to see how you have used the context of the unit to develop understanding of grammar.
    In the classroom we have also been looking at verbs, or action words. Now I see why the Italian (MT) students grabbed the concept so quickly!

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