Perspectives in Grade 3 (ISM)

One of the key concepts we are exploring during this unit of inquiry (Rights and Responsibilities) is perspectives. To support understanding of the concept, I have used some very thought-provoking books:

  • I am the dog, I am the cat by Donald Hall (that is on the agenda for tomorrow)
  • Voices in the park by Anthony Browne
  • Luke’s Way of Looking by Nadia Wheatley and Matt Ottley

They have helped the students to connect to the idea of perspective, point of view and how they can differ.
The students had a close look at the exhibited School Bill of Rights, which is illustrated in the hall way of the school, and they chose the one they considered to be most important. We linked this back to the idea of points of view.

Further we managed to connect this to our current writing focus to persuade. The students have to persuade others of their opinion, their point of view, yet also appreciate the fact that there are different perspectives.



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3 responses to “Perspectives in Grade 3 (ISM)

  1. chiaraforti

    At the moment I am struggling wìith section 3 and 4 of the planner. I will see if the children will be able to explain to me what they have done. Will be focusing on assessing this couple of days.

    • Jessica

      I am working on this as well. Hopefully I will find some time with my teaching partner to put the things onto paper…

      • Jessica

        Forgot to mention that we also read The Blind Men and the Elephant.
        We have since connected more to art, where Grade 3 are exploring perspective even further!

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