The PYP Planner (part 1)

The PYP Planner organizes the planning process in the PYP classroom. It organizes learning in such a way that we start with the end in mind, the summative assessment. The second part of the planner deal with the key and related concepts, lines of inquiry and teacher questions and provocations.

This second part seems to me like one of the most important ones… especially the teacher questions and provocations. These are driving forces behind the inquiry process.

Looking at my current planner, I feel that this might be an area to be addressed. I feel that I have never thought about the questions in such a way. Are they good questions? (For more on questions, see whatedsaid’s post.)

How do you deal with section 2 of the planner?


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  1. Maru

    Love the superheores activity… it must have been so much fun!!!

    enjoyed the relation to did you ask a question today? 🙂

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