Summative Assessment – Right and Responsabilities

My grade 3-4 class just started their summative assessment toady. I have given them a list/pictures of the attribute of the Learner Profile, PYP attitude and school Mission Statement. They are looking at how the Chart of Children’s Right is reflected and respected in our school community. They have a week time to complete their task, displaying their understanding in the format they find more appropriate. Some are writing stories, some are drawing charts, some are matching them on paper and still thinking!  They have just started today, but they seems already into it. Will let you know.



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5 responses to “Summative Assessment – Right and Responsabilities

  1. Jessica

    This is excellent, especially since I have been bringing in the learner profile all the time. The students are so much more familiar with it now.

    Our summative assessment is still a bit away, but looking forward to it!

    I also like how you have left the style of presentation open! We have just talked about choices during our collaborative planning meeting yesterday, and opened the task up as well.
    It would be great that come presentation time, you could let me join in?

  2. Sounds like a great summative task. Will you share some of their responses?

    • Jessica

      I will happily share…
      I will post about the summative assessment for Grade 3 in the next few days when I have caught up with my life!

  3. chiaraforti

    Jessica will be there when they will present their work. I have to say they are working hard at the moment, but still don’t know what will come out of it!

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