Visitors in school

As part of my grade 5 and 6 unit of inquire on buildings and structures, we invited in school some people from the local ecovillage. They were able to show us some material they are using to build houses and how they try to respect the environment. Children asked lots of questions and, having the possibility to see real people working with real houses makes everything so much more real.

Unfortunately the ecovillage (  is still at the very beginning, but they have already invited us to visit them as soon as the first set of houses are ready.

Once again, children need experiences last this in which the learning moves beyond the textbooks, the books, the classroom and reaches the real world.

In the meantime, some girls from those classes set up their own website to write about environmental issues. Not sure I can post the address. Will ask.


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  1. Jessica

    I agree, resources make the difference to learning and we need to remember that people and places are amazing resources!

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