Being a responsible member of the community

Grade 3 at ISM Modena have been exploring the communities they belong to. It is quite amazing how many communities we are part of, and how many different roles we take every day.

Over the past and next few days, Grade 3 are observing how someone else takes responsibility in a community. And in class, we are asking ourselves “What is my role in that community?”, “What makes me a responsible member of this community?” and “Why are we responsible?”

Can you tell us how you are a responsible member of a community you belong to?


Edit: Through this post I just realized a great connection I can make in the classroom. We have started to use and share a space with Grade 4. In order for this to work, general agreements have to be made. I think it would be a great idea to ask ourselves “How can we be responsible members of this online community?” which should lead us to netiquette, and general online behavior.


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