Essential Agreements

It’s been quiet here, as the current units come to an end. Students are engaged in summative assessments, and a lot is happening in our school.

As part of the “coming together” of the unit, we are also working on our essential agreements for the class. The need for them is quite obvious, and we have been thinking a lot about how we like to be treated and what makes us feel safe.

Over the next few days, K., a mom in my class, is coming to moderate sessions for us on rights and responsibilities and establishing our essential agreements. This voluntary action is also helpful for her, as she can count the hours for her professional development. I need to double-check what it is again!

I am excited about tomorrow, and will let you know how it goes!



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2 responses to “Essential Agreements

  1. Maru

    Rights and Responsibilities.. owow..! 🙂

    I remembered these, and thought of sharing with you:

    Teach Africa – Dogodogo & Emusoi:

    Dogodogo: Tanzanian Street Children Tell Their Stories [Paperback]

    Dogodogo for IB Community Theme: Sharing our Humanity


  2. chiara

    Take a look at this. It’s in Italian but I believe it’s quite clear. The man is reading aloud the Chart of the Children Rights.

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