Rights and Responsibilities at ISM Modena

At the beginning of the week I joined the mother tongue Italian kids in my class in their Italian lesson, which is a mixed group (Grade 3 and 4). They were presenting their summative assessment projects.

As Chiara already explained in her post, they looked at how the the UN Charter of Children’s Rights is reflected in the PYP attitudes, Learner profile attributes and the school’s mission statement.

The projects were great, and some of the students in my class really surprised me. I really didn’t understand that much (I don’t speak Italian *really*), so I would love if Chiara could add some more information about it here.

My Reflection: I loved the assessment and I think it would have been great to collaborate on an assessment in the homeroom and the Italian room. In the future, I think this is something we can develop, especially for the mother tongue kids.
I also saw that one of the students in my class had a completely different way of working in the Italian language. Much more focused and much more engaged. This has made me reflect on the language practice in my classroom once more.



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