Grade 3 at ISM responded to change today.
As I outlined in my previous post, the class moved from their classroom to the Design & Technology room today (also called the packed lunch room, which, in all honesty, might not have been a smart idea… the smell of food after lunch is a bit yucky!).

In the morning the learners (I don’t like the work students and I don’t think of the kids as “students” in the traditional sense either, so I am trying to use the term learners instead) were greeted by a message on their classroom door saying “Grade Three are in the DT room today”. That message caused confusion, because the room is not well known by its official name, and is usually referred to as the lunch room. However, I did stay in front of the room down the corridor, so I was able to direct those confused minds.

The questions came in right away. Why are we here? What are we doing here? Are we having lunch here? and so on… It was really hard not to say anything. I want to the students to have the experience before I make it explicit.
The chatting was hard to control in the morning, so I used the opportunity to continue talking… but about why we think we are here. There were some interesting thoughts, but I didn’t give a reason in the end. We are just in there.

I didn’t move anything much from the classroom, only pencils, their new reflective journals, and some books. To change their shoes, learners walked back to class. They did this 4 times today. To get materials for Math, they walked back to the classroom. This is in line with what I expected.

The learnerss responded in different ways…. there was confusion and more talk than usual, there was playing around with stuff from the DT room that they had never seen/used before. There was a lot of walking back and forth. Some frustration.

I am curious to see what will happen. It was business as usual though, we continued our normal class life.
At home, the students will tell their parents about today, and then complete some reflection…. I will do the same here.

1) What was different today. How and why?

I think I have already covered that up there!

2) One thing you found challenging in the DT room: I thought it was hard to find good ways to work in a room that is meant for something completely different. I missed my setup in class.

3) One thing you enjoyed in the DT room: I loved the way the students were so intrigued. I think this is a good provocation, so lets hope it will continue to develop…. as we continue to respond and start to adapt.



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3 responses to “Change!

  1. Maru

    different day! = fun! 🙂

  2. chiaraforti

    Children were very into it! They talked me all about it and even wanted to do it in my rooms.

    Then when we started looking for connection, I gave them a box full of books and they all started looking for the concept rather than the topic. This to me is evidence of learning from the class experience with you! Well done.

    • Jessica

      Wow, that is amazing feedback, Chiara! I think the provocation and experience made the connection we needed for this unit. Going to be really looking at this unit reminding them of the concept CHANGE and ADAPTATION.

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