Good provocations

Grade 3 at ISM have started their new unit of inquiry, The Changing Planet, on Saturday (we had an Open Day with regular schedule). The central idea is: Humans respond and adapt to the continual changing nature of the Earth, and this is an inquiry into How The World Works.

The big idea we identified is change, and a concept that relate to this well is adaptation.

As a provocation we tried to choose something that was close to the students, something that they could connect with. For my grade, this will be an experience that will require them to respond and hopefully adapt as the week progresses.
Grade 3 will be moving today! It’s a huge change, because we are moving from our well-set up classroom to the D&T room, with different setups and tables…

I am excited to see what will happen, what we will think, how we will respond. The students are going to keep a reflective log on it, and I might do the same on here.


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