New Unit of Inquiry.

Our new Unit of Inquiry started today.

1. Brainstorm on what is History? Kids were struggling trying to understand the difference between story and History.

2. We come up with an easy definition that explain what History is.

3. I asked the children to name a specific event in History they would like to investigate. They decided on bombarding during the war. This is a topic they are, with some respect, kind of familiar with, because grandparents discussed it with them.

4. I asked them where they could find information. They, obviously, began with internet, tv, videos, books and then newspaper, to move then into original newspapers from the period of the events, or even letters and diary.  I have then split them into three groups, told them to copy the 15 ideas they come up with and sort them.

5. They were very good at it, sorting the into Primary and Secondary Sources, of course without knowing that they were doing it.

Tomorrow I will ask them to justify their sorting and luckly we will be discussing Primary vs. Secondary Sources.


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