Inquiring into Language

As part of our unit of inquiry The Changing Planet (Humans respond and adapt to the continual changing nature of the earth) we are also exploring the language focus To explain.

The pre-assessment was a short, written task, where students had to explain their favorite game (after talking about what it means to explain something!). Yesterday the class was using our information literature for the unit of inquiry, not to look at content, but to look further at language.

Equipped with the prompts

– What is the purpose of the text?

– How is it written? (Now I think I should have linked more to the concept FORM here and probably asked What is it like? We did this during the lesson though)

– What words/language are being used?

– What else did you notice?

… the students went off in groups to explore the texts.

The initial plan was to have all of the groups look at all these aspects, but I rectified that during the lesson, as I asked each group to focus on one.

When we got back together, the answers were phenomenal, and provided us with the key features of explanation texts.

Today we will use our findings to self-assess the pre-assessment.


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  1. chiaraforti

    It is amazing what kids can do, if we also ask them.

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