Call for help! We want to talk to you!

Grade 3 are looking to speak to people who have been directly effected by disaster/natural phenomena situations, or responded in aid to those situations.

The students are inquiring into: Humans RESPOND and ADAPT to the continual changing nature of the earth, and are particularly looking at

Human responses to the Earth’s changes

right now.

We have been talking about how people respond in “disaster situations” as both directly effected people and as helper. We brainstormed ideas today (after I set the classroom up as a disaster zone) of how we could respond, and have already spoken to someone from a voluntary group in Italy called Protetzione Civile, who responded to the earthquake in Abruzzo.

The students are developing some questions, but generally just want to see what makes people act as as outsider (what makes us take action) and how people feel and deal with situations like that.

We would preferably skype with you, but if that is not possible, we would love some email contact with you.

Please comment if you can help us!!!



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2 responses to “Call for help! We want to talk to you!

  1. Rachel Young

    Hi Jessica,
    Reading your post I thought of a speaker we had visit us via Skype and then in person last year. His name is Gabriel Bol Deng, one of the Lost Boys of Sudan []. He has established a charity and is working toward building a primary school for students in Sudan. I’m sure you could contact him through his web site []

    He spoke very well with our students about his experiences both before and after the war in Sudan. He was very approachable and spoke about his experiences in a way which these young kids, many of whom can barely begin to imagine such horrific realities, were able to connect with.

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