About the Authors

Update – 28/10/11

Nic, Chiara and Jessica are/were PYP teachers. They work in different international schools, teaching the International Baccalaureate Primary Years Programme, in different countries.

This blog is their journey to explore the PYP  further. It serves as a platform for learning and dialogue, narrative and reflection.

Nic Penny

Nic Penny is currently a PYP (International Baccalaureate Primary Years Programme) teacher at Southbank International School in London.

Nic trained at Massey University, College of Education, New Zealand. She worked in New Zealand for 5 years teaching from Grade 2 to Grade 5, as well as guest speaking at Massey University on effective practice in literacy education.  Nic also worked in the UAE as Grade 3 teacher and coordinator.

Her educational interests include, but are not limited to: Inquiry learning and constructivism, formative assessment, child directed learning and international education.

Nic is currently working toward her MEd (International Education) through the University of Sydney.  As part of this she is exploring the effects of economic globalisation on education, in particular, the internationalisation of curricula and the development of global citizens.

Jessica Kelleher

Jessica is currently not working at a PYP school, but teaching at a German state school, specializing in special (needs) education. She teaches Grade 5/6.

In the past, Jessica was a PYP (International Baccalaureate Primary Years Programme) teacher in Italy and has worked at a private Primary and Middle School in Berlin, Germany in a variety of roles, including Mathematics Middle School teacher, class teacher, and Middle School coordinator.

She has since worked at an International School in Tuscany as a PYP class teacher and coordinator.

Jessica’s professional interests currently revolve around inquiry-based teaching and learning, educational technology and curriculum development. Her degree in Learning, Technology and Research has sparked a further interest in professional development and action inquiry, as well as eLearning and eEducation.

Jessica is also a student at the University of Duisburg-Essen, working on a special certification.

Anna Chiara Forti

Chiara is a PYP and MYP teacher at the International School of Modena. Within the PYP, she teaches Italian to students with Italian as mother tongue.


7 responses to “About the Authors

  1. Maru

    wow Jess..! this is so cooooool!!!! 🙂

  2. Donna Hancox

    Dear Nic and Jessica,

    Very interesting blog. Jessica, nice to hear from you again. Congrats on your new job in Modena.
    Not far from Pisa.

    Nic, I would be interested in linking some of my PYP teachers up with yours particularly the age 6 to 7 age range. Could you let me have a name and email of you grade 1 and 2 teachers so we can start some collaboration here.
    Regards, Donna (previous PYP Coordinator and Vice Principal in Bologna, now head of Middle School).

  3. Donna Hancox

    Hi Jessica,

    I worked with Nic’s principal years ago, we were both PYP coordinators at the time. It is a small world. We will start collaboration, I think this is so important across schools. Hope all is going well for you. I am visiting the school in Pisa next month, it will be strange not to see you there.
    Have a good day,

  4. Vibhuti Agrawal


    I work with a social media agency in Mumbai (India) and represent an IB school here.

    Since you write on IB education, I thought it would be great to connect .

    With IB schools in India, kids residing in India or parents looking at relocating to India or sending their kids to study in India, can now expect the same quality of education that they would get anywhere in the world.

    If you could share your contact details (email id), I could write to you in detail on this subject.

    Look forward to your reply. You could write to me at vibhuti@windchimes.co.in


  5. nilanjana

    deat nic, jess, and chiara
    hi, i am nilanjana from india. i am teaching age grs between 5-6. i am going to apply in a school which is following pyp method upto 5th grade. please help me out .i like to know about pyp method.
    thanking you

  6. Hi ladies, interesting blog you have here. I stumbled on to it whilst looking for other examples of assessment in the PYP. I will be back for a visit. I am also a PYP teacher here in China.

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